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Intensive anti-cellulite efficacy enhancement of the products of the line, effective treatment for all skin condition, visibly more compact and radiant. The glocunolattone is a poly-hydroxy acid, which can loosen the texture of the stratum corneum by promoting an easier penetration of Adipoless and caffeine, thus enhancing its effectiveness. Improve the unsightly cellulite is complex because the issue is related to an imbalance of the deep layers and therefore increase the absorption of the active ingredients is essential to the effectiveness of the product. The gluconolactone improves the absorption and the weakening of the structure of the stratum corneum, accelerates the Elimination of dead cells give new luster to the skin will appear smoother, impressively compact and radiant. The product applies quickly and can also be used during the summer period with the sole concern of using an appropriate SPF.

Directions for use: recommended the night before body strategist + remodeller or body stratest + refiners for at least a month. Apply and massage a small amount of product on areas to be treated until complete absorption. Proceed with body strategist + remodeller or body strategist + refiners.

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Body Strategist Scrub

Body Strategist Scrub

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